Incentive Schemes

      Are you paying too much for the wrong result?

Sales Commission and Bonus schemes are an integral part of any sales person’s package, but many often simply don’t achieve the desired results.

To be effective, any scheme must always align with your business plan, and only reward fully when the required target, and product or service mix, has been achieved by the individual salesperson.  In addition, any scheme should encourage regular sales throughout the year and not have any upper limit on payment. 

Such a well-tuned scheme should also seek to achieve the following:

  • A true reflection of the company’s growth objectives and required individual profit margins on each product or service.
  • The correct mix of targeted revenue across required markets, business types and products.
  • The required ratio of sales from the customer base and new business.
  • The encouragement of maximum sales commitment with each new contract.
  • Its successful integration into the company’s cash flow.

Advantage Consulting will undertake a full review of your current business plan and then make recommendations to ensure that Sales Commission and Bonus payment completely reflect your business objectives. We can then work with you to implement the agreed scheme and monitor the associated sales performance.

An incentive scheme is an integral and significant part of the AAR Process.  To understand more about its effect and importance, please contact us for a further insight.

TIP:  A commission plan should always be outside the terms and conditions of employment as changes to an incentive scheme will inevitably be made at least once a year.